PRINCIPS is a brand of fine and exclusive jewelry for demanding customers.
The exquisite design and the extreme personalization express themselves through cultural and philosophical symbolism and aesthetic traditions.
PRINCIPS uses the space as a whole; the third dimension is worked to enhance the expression of the jewelry item, by adding a whole new dimension called spiritual.
The strength of the noble materials and the beauty of the ancient art merge to adorn the body and soul, and the person who wears one of the exceptional items of PRINCIPS and the one that contemplates it can share particular feelings.

Principio – Princips

Principio is a variation of the Latin noun principium which means “principle, origin, beginning”.
Several Latin authors, including Cicero and Virgil, give to the declined form principio the sense of “from the beginning, in the beginning, originally, first.”
Note that principio is also the first person form of the present indicative of the Latin verb principiare and means “I’m starting, I’m doing a prologue (exordium, introduction).”

Etymologically speaking, this term is also closely associated, on the one hand, with the Latin noun princeps (from which comes the word prince in French), which has the meaning of “the first by the origin or the first by the rank, the chief, the prince, the sovereign, the emperor “and on the other hand, with the adjective derived from the princeps: principalis, which has the meaning of ” native, princely, imperial, etc.. “.

According to these etymological observations principio can fulfill three definitions, all three positive, namely:

1. Who or what is at the beginning, in the sense of the origin, that is to say which is the source of a tradition, a family, an invention, etc..

2. Who or what starts in the sense of one who acts first before the others or who just started.

3. Who or what has the first rank, the elite, which has priority or superiority over others, which surpasses them with its nobility – power, dignity, class, elegant, wealth, beauty, brightness etc..